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DVD’s in Australia

Nemesis has been doing some snooping around at some local (Australian) record stores, and it would appear that none of them have any idea regarding the Schism and Parabol(a) DVD’s. This would suggest that they’ll only be available via import only. If this is the case, either get the from Toolarmy or go and hassle one of your local record stores to get it imported. Most independant record stores (forget Sanity, In2music, etc.) will happily import stuff for you, and it would surprise me if some of them already had. The down side is that it’ll cost you….

Vuduchild has reported that his DVD’s have arrived (not sure where he is, presumable Sydney or Melbourne), and I know that I have at least one package waiting to be picked up from the local Post Office. Hopefully it’ll be what I’m expecting.

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17 years ago

country victoria! ..ballarat…sure some people hate it but its not too bad! seriously… 😉

fuck the big smoke 😀

Cant have my own house, bigass backyard and chookies in melbourne!… well not happy chooks and not until im a gazillionaire 😀

17 years ago

Ballarat, far enough out of Melbourne that it’s not the big smoke, close enough not to be a backwater.

I wish Australia Post would get their arse into gear and get my stuff up here in Queensland. I’m afraid getting a whole shitload of packages in one day has confused them, and the important one has gone missing! Better turn up eventually…..

17 years ago

The commentary for both DVDs is absolutely brutal.

But it’s tongue-in-cheek brutal, so that’s okay.

And the production on the brutal Parabola commentary is pretty neat with headphones on.

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