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Signed Vinyl Arriving, DVD’s Departing

The Laterauls Signed Vinyls seem to be arriving (in the US I’d gather), and Pris0n from Toolarmy has posted some pictures. Here they are for your viewing pleasure:

Also, the Schism and Parabola DVD’s have shipped from TA as well. Hopefully Santa will fight off the Grinch and ensure that all these goodies arrive Down Under for Xmas.

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18 years ago

Hello. I’ve got a question regerding membership payment on Do I have to pay it only once or they will collect my money every month/year??? How is it?

18 years ago

one time payment

18 years ago

As Lachrymotion has said, it’s a one off payment.

Personally I’ve found it to be worth it, especially since I was one of the lucky ones to get an autographed copy of the band when I joined (on day I might get around to scanning it and putting it up for you all to enjoy), not to mention the signed Lateralus Vinyl. I went for the middle pack, the one with the T-Shirt, which was ok, though I gotta say the T-Shirt’s quality was a bit on the low side.

If you do join up, don’t forget to say hi!

18 years ago

Is it just me only realising this now, but the welcome message in Toolarmy now has two Maynard messages and another Justin one.

18 years ago

Thanks a lot guys. As soon as I get some money I will probably join Collective Unconscious. It’s good that it’s only one-off payment. I don’t think I would be able to pay them monthly/yearly. But first I have to ask my bank if they accept foreign transactions.

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