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Letter from Blair?

Millermt posted recently on ToolNavy and alleged email that he recieved from Blair:


As I’ve been saying, the record is still being MIXED. The band is nearly finished with this (one epic song to go), but then there is MASTERING, let alone having the CDs pressed. It’s a spring release, although you will most likely get to hear a single prior to that. I’m not sure what you mean by the date has passed. Actually, it hasn’t. Also, there is a CONNECTION between two dates that no one has mentioned (or figured out, but this will soon change). Members of TA and Tool fans will get some additional info later TODAY, and again in the next couple of days,although it would be better coming from the band members themselves (more news about this, also in a few days).

The guys are hard at work completing the mix (in fact, Danny called me from the studio at 1:45 AM about getting together for a JAN 17th drink (which we’ve done for about 15 years, usually after the Lodge business is taken care of). This should tell you that they’re working overtime to finish a record that all of us who’ve heard it consider to be their best yet!

Kind regards,

Sounds good to me….

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Chuck Hartford
Chuck Hartford
18 years ago

Chuck Hartford calls this bullshit.

18 years ago

“At least it didn’t come from Schism’s Uncle!”

But anyway, I dont think its bullshit. Why doesnt it seem plausable that BMB sent that email?

18 years ago

Yup, and the guy who recieved the Email is a TDN member and he’s not normally a bullshitter.

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