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Looks like the vinyl has been and gone, some 10 hours+ after the time it was supposed too.  Needless to say many people are unhappy with that.  The reality is, that given a limited amount of vinyl (presumably 100 or so) and potentially 1000 people wanting it, there’s going to be a lot of dissappointment.

People also complain of the slowness when such a sale is put on the site.  This is our course caused by the above mentioned 1000 people after the vinyl, not to mention the other ‘spectators’ on the site at the time.  Realistically though, it’s probably not really fair to expect the TA admins to be able to cope with this extra load for a couple of one off events.  Being from a develoment and technical background I can say it’s not the simple thing people imagine to create the extra bandwidth/processing power required, not to mention bear the expense.

Hopefully some of you Fourth Eye readers mananged to get a copy, but I’m sure there’s some who didn’t.  Congratulations to those who did, and commiserations to those that missed out.  Maybe there will be another opportunity, though I expect this was probably the last chance.  Keep you’re eye’s on Ebay, and don’t forget to send me pictures to include on the Signed Vinyl Gallery.

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blair ron hubbard
18 years ago

right now maynard is laughing at his flock… “BUY MY NEW SIGNATURE…baaa”

18 years ago

I waited for 5 hours and then gave up. Went and got drunk with a few friends, then one of my buddies wanted to see what TA looked like. When I go to show him, there it is. I grabbed one and when I refreshed they were sold out. I was beyond lucky.

I’m also having a fifth signature added to it that will make the vinyl a great deal more personal. I decided to make this one at least a little bit customized, so I thought why not add something they didn’t intend 🙂

18 years ago

Youre going to draw over it yourself? Youre going to run it.

18 years ago

The weird thing about this was…i checked multiple times and during the whole 8 hour ordeal there was never more than 100 people being showed as signed on. Even after 6 hours in the lag was still amazing, and there was only about 70 people on. Maybe so many people were trying to sign in that most people didnt get through or the user count broke…but i get the feeling somthing just went strangly wrong with the server. Once the vinyls did go up for sale, the lag on the site immediately magically dissapeared.

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