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Hello New Year, Goodbye Blogger

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After a few weeks of deliberation, I’ve finally decided to change my Blogging system from Blogger to WordPress. The new site is almost up and running (just waiting for some DNS servers to be set properly) and you should notice that there’s really not much difference.

You will see that all the posts are now categorised, which is helpful if you’re looking for info on a particular item, and also that there is a search function. If you’re keen to see the site immediatley, and can’t be bothered waiting the the DNS propagation to happen, check it out here:

The downside of this is that the RSS feed’s address will be changing. The new feed will be:

There may be a few teething problems in the next couple of weeks, but hopefully this will be a relatively smooth process.

Thanks for sticking with me, and here’s hoping that the New Year will be a very good one for all Tool fans.

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Alex Angas
18 years ago

Love your regular updates. It would have been great if you could have left a message about this on your old feed though – I’ve been missing out on heaps!

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