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Henry Rollins on 2006 Big Day Out

Found this quote from Henry Rollins regarding the line up for the Big Day Out, currently heading around Australia:

I found out something interesting tonight. Apparently, this tour was to have a bit of a different line-up. Tool was supposed to headline the thing with The Pixies going on before them. The White Stripes were third on the bill. The Stooges were a last minute add.

I wonder what happened to Tool and The Pixies.  Tool I’d guess were booked, but then didn’t get around to recording in time.

Too bad the Big Day Out Organisers missed out and that line up, would have made the current shitty bill be quite good…..

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18 years ago

I remember this rumour about Tool touring back in late November. I was waiting for the second line-up announcement hoping in vain that Tool would be on the bill. If the first rumoured January album release date had stuck, it would have made some sense for Tool to start touring straight away. If a current theory of Tool touring Australia by the end of 2006/early 2007 stands (going by the ‘predicted’ April 12th release of the new album), maybe a rumour linking Tool with the 2007 BDO will surface by the end of the year? If they have shown interest… Read more »

18 years ago

Only good band is The Mars Volta, but I am seeing them at the Palace, not BDO.

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