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Tool in UK June/July, Scandinavia July

aToolAhead on Toolarmy posts that:

I got this info from a very (lets emphasize that…VERY) close source to someone in TOOL…that TOOL will be in UK in June/July and in Scandinavia sometime in late July.

I checked with aToolAhead, and presuming he’s not making shit up, the source he mentions IS very close to the band, making the news very reliable.  Simply from a logical point of view, the idea of Tool touring Europe that time of year makes sense.
So here’s a bit of rampant speculation:

  • Tool Mini-Tour in US April-May
  • Tool European Festival Tour June-July
  • Tool Full US Tour August-Oct
  • Tool South American Tour November
  • Tool Asia/Australasia Tour January 2007 (Big Day’s Out maybe – though I kinda hope not…)
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17 years ago

BDO is actually a pretty good bet now, with that scan from the booklet. I can’t see how or why that ad would be in there if they weren’t gonna be there in SOKME form.

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