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All Tours Lead Tour Buses to Rome

Looks like Tool are playing in Italy, three shows in fact, all of which don’t seem to be festivals.  Hopefully this suggests that they’ll be playing quite a few shows in Europe that aren’t festivals.  The dates are:

  • 19/06 Milano, Forum
  • 21/06 Roma, Centrale Del Tennis Foro Italico
  • 22/06 Bologna, Land Rover Arena.

Check out this post on Toolnavy for more details.  Thanks to 3poundsoflove for the tip….

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3 pounds of love
17 years ago

It is now confirmed. And… I really hope to get a “pass” to the backstage!

17 years ago

Hey, I posted that in the comment section in the last post.

Mosy Zinc
Mosy Zinc
17 years ago

I’m so excited!!! I’m practically peeing myself in excitement. A new album followed by a tour. The last time I saw Tool in Europe was is Vienna after they released Lateralus. It was a simply life changing exsperience. I won’t have a chance to see the band until July since I will be working and can’t book time off to travel but if all goes well I want to to see Tool again in Europe, maybe Germany or the Neatherlands, where I never traveled before. I love visiting new places.

Spiral Out!!!

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