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Hi Everyone, I’m back from South Australia, just in time apparently to ride the latest wave of leaks, album titles and album reviews. Here we go:

First, Dark Moogle mentioned that there’s a new track list and album title being bandied around at the moment:


1- The Thorn
2- Annuled
3- Visceral
4- The Lucid
5- 23
6- Permute
7- The Median
8- Aldaraian
9- Mandalic
10- The Ascent
11- Laiad Kayenth

Personally, I’m still skeptical, but it’s a little better than the last effort. There’s also a sample going around called Livide. I’ve listened to it, it does kinda sound like Maynard, but I’m still not really conviced, especially considering a track with this title isn’t included in the above mentioned tracklist.

Nemesis informed me that there’s a review of the new album on the Total Rock website. Here’s the link, be warned it’s post on their forum and you must register to see it. Toolarmy members will see a copy of the review in the boards there:

No Album or Song titles have been released with it, apparently all still very secret. Total Rock also promise to have an interview with the band on the site later this week, sometime after Wednesday according to the post.

Based on the review, it makes me a little more skeptical of that Aldaraia tracklist, but time will tell I suppose…..

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18 years ago

The thing that makes me skeptical is the fact they keep putting an L.K. song in these tracklists. It just seems a little ‘obvious’.

18 years ago

The man who posted that tracklisting admitted to making it up.

The TotalRock review is 100% legit though.

I thought it kind of sucked though. The guy who reviewed the album was too excited, and didn’t zone in on time signatures and shit like that.

18 years ago

hello hellboy,

Just out of curiosity…where did you get that supposedly new track “Livide”?
You mention that that song is not included in the tracklist….however, read Livide backwards and it spells more-or-less “edivil”…which phonetically sounds like
“E-devil” and with my imaginative mind may very well hint at E-commerce. That would also fit with Maynard’s opinion about massconsumerism over the internet…..well, it’s a wild shot but i wouldn’t rule it out nonetheless. Cheers!!

18 years ago

Hey all; First off, here’s the rest of hte main post from the guy who posted the tracklist: Checked out that thing Blair had mentioned in the news post (fucked up stuff i might add), and ran into Danny outside. Id met him before, and got to talking to him for a little bit about the promo trip and the new album and stuff. It was really cool..Hes a great guy.. Anyhow, he gave me a little card that has the Tool info on it, and the release date, album info and such. The graphics look much like the new… Read more »

18 years ago

the livide track was determined to be a track pulled off a random myspace music page… its over at in the discussion somewhere… the track is in fact actually called livide, but the band is not called tool.

18 years ago

Yeah, you know, like I -just said-. The band is Mastabe.

18 years ago

whoever originally posted that tracklist has confessed to having made it up.

also, the totalrock review lists track 3 as being a 17 minute song, which blair nicknamed “l.k.” however, the aldaraia tracklist places l.k. at #11. just further proof that the aldaraia tracklist is fake.

18 years ago

The date of release was confirmed by Sony/BMG here in France.

18 years ago

I don’t know if it’s legit, but things to consider:

In that drum interview he says a song is called the thorn, as one is in the tracklisting.

Also, the letters L and K are the 11th and 12th letters in the alphabet. Which adds to 23, also a title on the track listing.

I dunno anything about official news, I just can’t wait to find out for sure.

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