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Dutch Listening Parties

Rvyers on Toolnavy translated a recent Dutch reporters blog on the recent Tool listening party. No info on the sound of the album due to embargos, but a couple of details regarding the release. Apparently no reviews of the album are to be published before April the 13th, which would suggest Tool would officially confirm the details around this time. It also mentions that no promo CD’s will be available before May 2nd, which brings into doubt the speculated May 2nd release date. Here’s the translated article:

Sunday night the day we’ve been waiting for was finally here. A handful of journalists were allowed to hear the entire new tool album, without knowing the track titles or album title.

The location for the listening session was original; a former monastery in the middle of the Amsterdam red light district. In the alley where it was there were women behind windows on the left and a doorman to let you in on the right. If you didn’t know where it was you would have walked past it.

Right after entering a girl from the record company shoves a contract under everyone’s noses in which we have to promise we won’t publish anything about the album till 13 April. Apparently there was some excitement/trouble after the review from a previous listening session in London was put on-line. A shame.

At the bottom of the stairs we enter the hall from the picture above. Imagine some chandeliers with burning candles, three speaker-towers/stacks with flat screen monitors showing all video’s and a couple of white couches from the lounge era (late 90’s). Nobody eats the French bread, tapenade, nuts, coleslaw and other treats.

After 30 minutes of drinking and socialising drummer Danny Carey, who has been walking around all evening with a beer in his hand, enters with a cd in his hands. The visitors all get wireless headphones and are allowed to enjoy on the couches. Danny Carey says ‘eet smakelijk’ (enjoy your meal) and wishes us fun. He walks to the vip area with bass player Justin Chancellor. Maynard doesn’t show himself.

We are spoiled during the listening session, the waitresses give us many warm and cold snacks, so we don’t have to get up during listening. It’s almost a silent disco, more than 30 people nod their heads to the beat, occasionally disturbed by the sound of breaking glass. Afterwards Maynard, wearing a cowboy hat, walks into the hall and is handed a microphone. Everyone takes off their headphones in a reflex, but you needed those to hear the singer. “ Thank you for you time and your patience, and now go away!”

Justin and Maynard disappear immediately afterwards, Danny takes his times to answer some questions and sign some booklets. According to the colossal drummer the band will be playing besides at Pinkpop in the HMH (the Heineken music hall, a venue in Amsterdam). Probably in the same week as Pinkpop or in the last week of June. There is no more time; We are kicked out of the building in a friendly way because there is another listening round for the international press.

Because of the embargo I’ve not been able to say anything about the record itself, but with my notes I can write something here on 13 April. There won’t be promo cd’s before the release of 2 may. The question is whether this approach is useful. A record store employee noted that the arctic monkeys leaked songs on purpose and their album is very successful. And even if I keep my mouth shut, there will probably be someone else who will put something online about the listing session.

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18 years ago

“There won’t be promo cd’s before the release of 2 may”… I think this just means that TOOL will not be releasing any promo CDs before the May 2nd release date of the album — not that the album will be released after May 2nd.

3 pounds of love
18 years ago

an italian girl who attendend the listening session in Munich, Germany (last week) told me that the new record and the songs have no official titles yet. So every tracklist around the net is BS. … and that the new record has more chances to be published on May 9th or May 16th, than May 2nd. We’ll see.

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