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FantômasMelvins Big Band Tour

Not really Tool news this time, but I know there’s plenty of Tool fans who like The Melvins and Fantômas.  Not satisfied with having Tool playing a whole shitload of shows, those Europeans will also be able to witness the FantômasMelvins Big Band.  In case you don’t know, it’s Fantômas and The Melvins rolled into one big happy family.  I’m sure it’ll be a great show, so if you’re living in one of these towns, the make sure you go see the shows.

If you don’t, well go and listen to that live CD they released Millenium Monsterworks.

Apr. 19, 2006
Ljubljana, Slovenia
Cvetlicarna Mediapark

Apr. 21, 2006
Krems, Austria

Apr. 22, 2006
Le Creusot, France
Festival Des Giboulees

Apr. 23, 2006
Brussels, Belgium
Ancienne Belgique

Apr. 24, 2006
Munich, Germany

Apr. 25, 2006
Fribourg, Switzerland

Apr. 26, 2006
Milan, Italy
Rolling Stone

Apr. 27, 2006
Rome, Italy

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18 years ago

The concert in France (04/22/2006) was cancelled, and it’s said there’s a new date in Festival de Bourges.

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