2nd May, Lateralus Gallery Update

I meant to mention before, that Blair also confirmed that the 2nd of May is the official release date.   50 Days to go.

I’ve also updated the Signed Lateralus Vinyl Gallery.    Thanks to Ryan, The Betterfly and Stalkingbutler for their contributions.

I’m still looking for more, and I know that another batch has been sent out recently, so if you’ve got one, make sure you get me the pics.

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15 years ago

another batch has been sent out? im still waiting.
i still have an order that is in NEW status.
its dated january 29.
im patient. i havnt emailed blair. im sure he gets enough emails.

im pretty sure my order has been from the second last vinyl sale.
should i have expected it to ship already?
just wondeing..
poor blair…
i migt have to email him before the month is out. it has been a long time.

15 years ago

thanks hellboy.

15 years ago

hi, i found No very extremely helpful and friendly. one of the top members of TA.