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Adam’s Myspace, Opinion, Toolshed

Adam’s Myspace has had an update in the last couple of days. The updates seem to be several photo’s taken from Adam’s days working in special effects. There appears to be some stuff from Jurassic Park and Nightmare on Elm Street.

Also, just a couple of opinions regarding what’s happened the last few days:

  • I posted about a rumoured Australian Tour a few days ago. While at this stage I’ve seen no hard evidence to confirm or deny this email, I’m personally a little skeptical as to whether or not it’s real. In particular there seems to be a report that the Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne is in fact already booked on the night in question, and these ‘double bookings’ also seem to be prevailent in other dates mentioned in the email. In the end, regardless of the legitimacy of the email in question, I still believe it’s likely that Tool will be touring around that time, but we’ll all have to wait and see what the dates are….
  • Blair posted recently that 10,000 Days is the name of the new CD, and there’s been alot of speculation around the place as to whether or not this is really the album name. There’s been a few suggestions that it’s a rip-off of a Disturbed album name, as well as some ideas that it may be linked to some kind of political event. There also seems to be several people who consider the name to be un-Toolish, which I guess if you consider Aenima and Lateralus to be the only Tool releases, then this may be the case. Personally, I like the name, and at the moment I have no reason to doubt if it’s true or not. Hopefully it’s not Blair playing jokes on us again, but frankly, I think Blairs been pretty straightforward with us lately, so I’d suggest that the title is real. Kabir from Toolshed seems to agree as well. Finally, given this prank was pull during the build up to Lateralus, I kinda doubt Tool would play the same tired old joke again.

Finally, it seems that Toolnavy have been having some server issues in the last few days, presumably due to the intense hype surrounding the new CD. As I’ve mentioned before, consider making a donation if you consider the site to be useful, bandwidth cost’s money and the site isn’t funded by Bill Gates or the record company. Luckily for me, Fourtheye has plenty of bandwidth left, and we’re still running at about 1% of our monthly allocation. I think the only way I’d run out of bandwidth is if I exclusively hosted the new Tool CD on the site. No chance of that happening though. Sorry guys!

Last but not least, the domain name change-over to is going ahead. i’ve had a slight hiccup with an incorrect name server, but hopefully in a couple of days time you’ll be enjoying this from a slightly different URL.

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