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All track listings are false…..

Blair has posted on Toolband/Army that all current rumoured tracklistings, including Aldaraia and Teleincision are false. He also takes the time to thank those people out there for saving the band time and energy coming up with fabricated track listings themselves.

He does say that if and when a tracklisting is released, it will be alot more straight forward than those that are proposed, and those people expecting Lateralus 2 are incorrect. The band are in a differnt mood this time around, and this is reflected in the track listing. Personally, I don’t mind, I’m over the whole enlightenment thing and look forward to Tool just kicking ass for a change.
He also mentions that Visceral is definitely not the name of ths single, and in fact is not on the CD at all. It was merely a random word concocted by Maynard during the Crowleymas chat, and has no reference to the new recording.

He also debunks the Teleincision rumour that’s been hovering around for months/years now.

Finally, Blair also mentions in another post that he will talk about the Andy King review later, but he’s off to the pub first…

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18 years ago


I laughed heartily at this

18 years ago

Did I understand well : the title of the album is “10,000 Days” ? (see official website) Or is it a code (again) ?

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