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Artwork Shenanigans

A couple of people have pointed out that the artwork released yesterday has a remarkable similarity with some of Alex Grey’s work:

They look pretty much identical to me, with a bit of cropping & colour alteration of course. This has lead to some speculation that it may be related to the Live DVD rather than 10,000 Days, which seems like a reasonable statement considering Grey’s work with Tool on the Lateralus Tour. However why would Blair post this in relation to the 10,000 Days artwork?

One thought I had is that even if Tool were to use Alex Grey for a second time, wouldn’t the commission some original work, rather than re-use some of his older stuff?

Have we been thrown a red herring? Are we looking at DVD artwork instead? Are 10,000 Days and the Live DVD all one big package? I guess we’ll find out shortly.

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17 years ago

That would be AWESOME !!!!!

17 years ago

You can obtain the same result from one picture to the other in 5 mins with Photoshop.

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