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New Kerrang Article

Skeptic on Toolarmy pointed out that the latest issue of Kerrang (UK edition I presume) has a short interview with Tool regarding the new CD. Here’s a few excerpts I liked:

…..anyone expecting the shadowy Californian quartet to have gone soft with age willl be sorely disappointed. True to form, Tools upcoming opus is a 77-minute prog-metal odyssey, packed with plenty of eight minute-plus twisted riff-a-thons, odd-tempo polyrhythms and the bands trademark, eerie interludes. Its also arguably their heaviest, most punishing material since their 1993 breakthrough album ‘Undertow’.

“We’ve all been listening to a lot of Meshuggah” admits guitarist Adam Jones. “I see a lot of them in us and us in them, and they really have a very experimental prog side to them. I dont think it was like, ‘Okay right here were going to play like Meshuggah’, but more, ‘Oh my god, that’s come out a Messhuggah moment’.”

Tool also spent five months, in the company of QOTSA/Melvins engineer Joe Barresi, in three different LA studios over autumn 2005 recording it.

All sounds pretty good to me. Kkerdersha83 also posted a couple of scans of the articles (which were apparently scanned by Foamy on Toolnavy), including a new band photo, which I’ve hosted on these links:

Left Right

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17 years ago

To quote the late Big Kev: “I’m Excited!”
Although not a track by track review this was more important to me than the Andy King piece.

Notice the ‘Puscifer’ tee on Maynard? Nice.

17 years ago

Ummm that was me that scanned and posted that article.

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