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A couple of quick snippets from around the web:

It’s been mentioned in several places, in particular on Toolnavy that US radio will be playing the new single sometime between the 12th and the 17th of April.  Not long to go now.  Of course if memory serves me correctly, Schism was available from the Tool website a good week or so before Triple J played it for the first time here in Australia.  Maybe we’ll be getting it sooner than we think?

According to Blair of Toolband/Army Butcher will be playing on the 29th of March at The Scene with Mother Tongue and Wulf Hammir.  Don’t forget about the upcoming shows with Isis either….

Blair also commented on the recent artwork posted on Toolband, and mentioned that essentially it’s a picture generated to be sent of to website which need to have some form of visual reference for the CD.  This certainly suggests that the actual artwork may something ‘undisplayable’ with a normal picture.  It’s probably a safe bet that it’s not the actual artwork, only an approximation of it.

Finally, according to JB77 on Toolnavy, Triple J confirmed that Tool will be touring Australia shortly after the release of the new album, but no dates have been confirmed.  Though in light of the recent Japanese Festival announcement, it’s most likely to be mid to late August.

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