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Coachella Webcast

Don’t forget that this weekend that there will be a webcast of Coachella. Normally I wouldn’t expect Tool to be included in this, but this morning a recieved the COSM newsletter, which certainly suggested we may be able to catch Tool’s performance. Head to this website for details.

According to what I’ve been told, Tool are due to go on at 10:45 on Sunday the 30th.  I can’t get onto the Coachella site right at the moment to confirm this, but when I can I will.  For you Australian listeners, I make this to be about 3:45pm on Monday.  Thanks to the Queensland Government for providing me with a Public Holiday!

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17 years ago

according to the webcast schedule, they are NOT going to show tool’s performance. it looks like “art brut” and “the go team” instead. anyone know for sure if tool is being webcasted??

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