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Dutch Listening Party Review Translated, Possible New Booklet Scan, Vicarious Guitar Tab

Gajarigon over at Tool Navy has translated a review written by someone who attended the Dutch Listening Session. You can find the blog it was originally posted on here and the translated version here.

Thanks to The Tulip Fairy who wrote in to say that a post was made on Tool Navy earlier today with what looks like a new scan from the 10,000 Days booklet. Apparently it didn’t take long for the person who made the thread to quickly replace it with a character from the X-Files. Is it real or not? I’ll leave you to decide. I guess we won’t know for sure until the end of the month.

Madklikor and Attila have come up with some tabs for Vicarious already! I have no idea how they sound as I dont play the guitar, but those of you that do can find them here.

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18 years ago

okay…. enough of this. (for me.) i have let my excitement get the best of me, definitely. i solemnly vow that until may second i will have some self discipline and refrain from visiting toolshed, toolband, and fourtheye. as much as i appreciate the information and dedication on your part (all of you).. i am ruining this release for myself. every time i read a review i expect that what that person is saying is true, and if it’s negative i get worried, and if it’s positive my expectations jump even higher. this is dumb. i also keep finding out… Read more »

18 years ago

I think its funny how people think that by listening to a sample or even the entire single, they will ruin the album for themselves

18 years ago

i think it’s pathetic how people think that if they hear a 2 second fart off of an unreleased album first, they’d be ‘closer’ to the music, while de facto, they’re actually missing out on the entirety concept that the band had been working on. i’m leaning more towards evilempress (hey, sup?) in that over-devotion can really take the flavour out of things, and that perhaps we’d be better off sustaining our patience and taking the album as we’re given it. of course i’m curious. and of course i want to hear it… but i also want a million dollars… Read more »

18 years ago

Here are some Dutch Articles.

Save the images en zoom in. Perfect quality scan!

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