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Midnight in New Zealand

Midnight Sales are coming thick and fast now.  No sooner do I post one lot, then I get email another!  Thanks to Jack_C this time for bring us up to date with sales in New Zealand.

Looks like the Sounds chain are having midnight sales on the 1st of May.  Even better, Jack tells me if you purchase the CD you go into the running to see Tool in Las Vegas!  Here are the locations:

  • Auckland:191 Queen Street
  • Hamilton: Ward Street
  • Wellington: 326 Lambton Quay
  • Christchurch: 107 Cashel Street
  • Dunedin: 254 George Street
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17 years ago

Sony BMG Site – Get Your Hands On Tool’s ‘10,000 Days’ At Midnight Openings Across Oz Hailed by Zero Mag as “another thought-provoking masterpiece from one of the greatest bands on the planet”, Tool’s new studio album ‘10,000 Days’ is shaping up as one of the most-anticipated hard rock releases of 2006. Be the first in Australia to get it when stores in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide open at 12:01am on Saturday, April 29 to deliver it to fans. One of the most potent, visceral and influential forces in the rock world, the incomparable Tool return this month with… Read more »

17 years ago

Im really hoping more and more that we get presale for gigs in Australia..(from TA) its going to be a fuking madhouse.

Also after MJK’s latest message I fear we may not see them until next year….?

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