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NYC Tool Cover Band

Schism has been plugging a New York City Tool cover band who are celebrating the release of 10,000 Days:

Are you a TOOL fan? SCHISM – NYC’ s only TOOL tribute band (nationally touring for 5 years strong) would like to invite you to this unprecedented event on May 5th at the world famous BB Kings in the heart of Times Square.

Buy tickets for this mega celebration for the release of TOOL’s NEW ALBUM 10,000 Days for JUST ONE DOLLAR (until April 15th).

We are a group of guys like you who love and embrace the magic, mystery, and power that is TOOL and want to share it with like minded people. This an ALL AGES SHOW which is great because in the past we’ve had to turn people away due to age. Combined with special effects and a multimedia show, we bring you the TOOL xperience.

Click here (or copy and paste into your URL window) – – to BUY TICKETS FOR ONE DOLLAR for the 10,000 Days celebration.

visit our site at

Mention Fourtheye and get a nickel off the entry fee 😉

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17 years ago

I’d love it if they try to play something off of the new album after only 3 days. Could make for a funny moment or two.

17 years ago

Wtf; “Thank you for submitting your gravatar. Before this gravatar can become active, our panel of gravatar rating experts must rate your gravatar’s content…”

Damn what does it take to become gravatar rating expert I would like that on my curriculum vitae.

17 years ago

yuck. tool cover bands blow hard.

17 years ago

Please can we not have this excellent news site filled with cover band shit?

17 years ago

They’re actaully playing near me this saturday with a RATM cover band, I’m gonna check um out. I’ll let you know how they are.

Jenny Bee
Jenny Bee
17 years ago

Just saw them do “Vicarious” in NYC, kicked ass.

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