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Promo Poster, Euro Dates

orange.juice on Toolnavy posted today that he found this image on a German promoters(?) website:

Live Promo Poster?

Stating the bleeding obvious, it’s pretty much just an extended version of the existing 10,000 Days cover. No confirmation though whether this is official or when it’s just a fan-made rendering based on Alex Grey’s artpiece.
He also noted that one of the German shows has changed to a bigger venue. If you’re a German Tool fan, make sure you check you show hasn’t changed.

There’s also been some talk of a French show being changed as well. Looks like the Lyon show has been cancelled and moved to Grenoble. Check this website for details.

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18 years ago

Prolly not fan made, seeing as Net of Being has been cropped differently. Not saying its impossible, but it would certainly take a dedicated fan to come up with that.

18 years ago

Looks less FOOL now that logo… must just take time to sink in. If its all legit, id be happy having that on the wall.

Markus from Germany!
Markus from Germany!
18 years ago

Hi, I can confirm that this picture/poster is NO fake!!The web-page you can see it is the official site of the german Tool-Tour-Promoter.

18 years ago

the poster and alot of tool’s artwork is inspired by visionary artist Alex Grey- look him up , his work is a trip.

18 years ago

I can confirm that the show in Lyon has been cancelled. I have tickets for the Grenoble show in my hands right now.

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