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Tool Interview with Beat

James sent me the link to this interview with Tool today from the Australian Beat website. Quite an interesting interview. Suggests that Alex Grey is working with Adam on the new video, which was something I was unaware of, though not particularly surprising either.

Also talks about an Australian tour, and while nothing has been booked, they’d like to be here this year, but if not will definitely be here in the next 12 months.

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18 years ago

Just thought I would point out that this interview was probably done in early March and so “in the next 12 months” could include anything from squeezing in a few Aussie shows in late July/early August or later in the year or even at the 2007 Big Day Out. Henry Rollins did mention that Tool were suppose to be at the 2006 BDO… just keep optimistic all you Aussie and Kiwi Tool fans! They should be here soon…

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