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“The best album art since the 70’s”

I found this article on Yahoo Music today, which talks about 10,000 Days, with a few quotes from Adam, and also from their record company Zomba:

Fans love it, says Bryan Everitt, director of music operations for the 153-store Hastings Entertainment chain. “It’s great to see music lovers reading the liner notes and really enjoying holding the product in their hands again.”

(Adam) Jones, who came up with the concept, recalls, “(Guitarist) Robert Fripp was at our show the other day, and he said, ‘This is the best album art since the ’70s’ … We’re always trying to think of something to do that’s never been done before. We want people to get more than their money’s worth.”

Blair on Toolband/Army also mentioned that Edsel passed away yesterday, and is buried next to his mate Mo.  If memory serves Edsel is one of Adam’s pigs.  RIP.

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i am the walrus
i am the walrus
17 years ago

Mo was the pig on the back of Underow.

That’s sad 🙁 poor Edsel

17 years ago … a file with the Wings combined (plus viginti tres) – sorry – didn’t know where to post it. Rest in peace Edsel

17 years ago

nice website 3pounds, your lack of lazyness impresses me.

Hellboy when I am going to come here to see this years Australian tour dates! argh…

..They arent coming are they…. 🙁

17 years ago

tell him to grow some real hair like a man

17 years ago

oh, i know he has hair…..

17 years ago

we all have hair in our ass crack, unless we are a metrosexual. Im talkn about hair on his melon.

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