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Danny speaks to Rhythm UK

Steve emailed me today with a couple of bits from a recent Rhythm UK magazine.  Steve says “It’s a good interview, typed out a couple excerpts, the article goes on to say that the drum tracks were recorded in a studio normally reserved for movie soundtracks, his new setup, the writing process and his influences.”

Is there any song on 10,000 Days that was more interesting or
challenging to play than the others?

“If I was going to pick one, just from a drummer’s standpoint, ‘Rosetta
Stoned’ is a good one. There’s that part where I’m playing four with my
left foot, five with my right foot, and six with my hands. Justin jumps
on the rhythm with my kick and Adam is following my hands. It has this
nice jungle feel to it. It’s kind of neat the way it cycles around. I
also think ‘Jambi’ sounds uniquely Tool. I like both of those songs,
they’re really fun to play.”

What time signature is Jambi in?

“It’s in nine. Nine is really fun because you can split it into sixes
and threes and it will meet up at least every other time. It gives you a
lot of freedom and I’ve always liked playing in three or 6/8. You can
mix it up over the top”.

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18 years ago

I love that the drumming is so mathematically complex, yet sounds very natural. I had no idea any of that crap was going on in Rosetta.

18 years ago

jeez the resoloution on that pic is immaculate. i might even have to upgrade to a widescreen lcd monitor just to view it in all its brilliance. 🙂

18 years ago

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