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More EU Dates

Looks like a few more European dates are cropping up. Thanks to Blksun from Toolarmy for these:

  • Italy on the 12th and 13th of November (could be wrong, my Italians pretty rusty. Sure the guys from Toolband Italia will help out).
  • France on the 10th of December at Le Zenith. Thanks to Moon for giving me the info as well…..

I’m sure more will appear in the next few days.

Edit: The Italians dates are:

  • 12-Nov-06 Torino, Palaisozaki
  • 13-Nov-06 Firenze, Mandela Forum
  • 15-Nov-06 Rimini, 105 Stadium
  • 16-Nov-06 Jesolo (Ve), Palasport

Thanks to Mattia

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