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A Gentle Reminder….

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There’s been a lot of new members since the Australian shows have been announced. A big welcome to all of you, however I sense that some of you have felt a bit frustrated that your comments haven’t appeared straight away, to the popint where some of you have repeatedly click submit and ended up commenting several times. Just to elaborate on the membership, moderation and comment policies on Fourtheye:

  • Fourtheye uses a moderation system to help reduce spam. As a result comments from new members will automatically be flagged for moderation. Once a members comment has been moderated, comment from that point on will automatically be excepted, unless they foolishly mention penis enlargement, or viagra, or some other blacklisted word.
  • Fourtheye respects freedom of speech. No comment will be denied unless they are either or unessecarily abusive.
  • However, I do reserve the right to remove comments if neccesary to end the occasional flame war.
  • Comments will never be removed simply because I, or one of the other members disagree with their statement.

Plese keep all the comments coming, I do enjoy reading all of them. Also feel free to submit any articles, reviews or anything of interested to Tool fans. Provided they’re of good quality they will be posted. Don’t forget that Fourtheye is not just a Tool site. We also post news about bands closely related to Tool, either through member participation, or that they just happen to be a band Tool admire.

Finally, there will be a Fourtheye Meetup in Sydney prior to the Tool show on the 24th of January. More details to come closer to the event!

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17 years ago

So when’s this facelift coming?

17 years ago

have u heard the new audioslave yet?

17 years ago

good to know – thanks…

has anyone got APC Mer De Noms signed? cd version.

just in case you’d like a scan of it at all.

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