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Followup to San Diego

Here’s an article I read this morning from SignOnSanDiego talking about the events of the recent San Diego concert, during which 15 people were injured. If found the article to be quite interesting, and talks in depth about the responses by the local authorities, and praise for Maynard and the band in how they dealt with the situation. Sadly it seems that some of these injuries are life threatening, so I’m sure all readers here hope these fans come though alright. There were some reports that there was a death, however I’ve been unable to confirm this on the brief search I did this morning.

Happier news now, The Melvins have a new CD coming out later this year. It’s called A Senile Animal and should be released on the 10th of October. This will be their first album since merging with Big Business and knowing The Melvins, should be well worth checking out. No word on whether Adam makes an appearance, though considering his schedule, I’d be guess he won’t.

Here’s the cover art, done as usual by Buzz’s wife Mackie. In case the style is somewhat familiar to you, Mackie has also done artwork for Tool in the past, including 10,000 Days.

Edit: Actually I should say I presume it’s done by Mackie.  There doesn’t seem to be any confirmation, but it does look like her style.  Eeither way, I like it!

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17 years ago

I thought they didn’t do ringtones?

How disconcerting…

17 years ago

I’m pretty sure they don’t do ringtones… I remember Blair posting something about it.

Anyway, it’s still pretty penquin-piss.

I got the link from MTV, so consider it an ass-aspersion.

17 years ago

Once again.. it’s all My Chemical Romances fault. And once again, Maynard has to pick up the slack.

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