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Melvins Interview

For all you Melvins fans, here’s a great interview with Buzz from  In case you only want to read the Tool related bit, here you go:

What’s your view on Tool? I know you’re pretty close with some of those guys, but I’m just confused. I’m not talking about their music, but really, their morphing image. How did they go from this band who was writing mock-satanic/industrial songs with cookie recipe lyrics in German to this band with Alex Grey cover art and drumkits arranged in sacred geometric patterns? Is it just a big joke, or what? Do the members of Tool around and smoke DMT, talking about Yosemite Sam’s hat and how it was inspired by Jack Parson’s delvings into inter-dimensional time travel laws as governed by the Kabbalah’s input on fractals and the golden ratio and aklfasfdlsadfkjhfasdk.

Morphing image? They look about the same to me. Those guys have always been into hippie shit. I think on this next tour they are even going to have a giant crystal dangling over the stage, and I don’t mean crystal meth! They once told me how Slayer was giving them shit on an Ozzfest tour about Tool not being a heavy metal band which I thought was pretty funny. Imagine it, a bunch of shorts wearing “satanic” banana brains like Slayer giving Tool shit. Talk about stupid imagery.

As previously mentioned, The Melvins have a new CD The Senile Animal due out in October.

Thanks to noisebird from Toolarmy for the link

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17 years ago

It’s always great when people say that Tool isn’t metal, some going as far as calling them ‘soft rock’. Kiss my ass.

Try bathing, and maybe changing into a non-holed t-shirt without a band on it.

Ah… I almost feel like I’m defending Good Charlot, as if someone said they weren’t punk…

17 years ago

…and it sounds very good!

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