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Puscifer in 2 weeks? Al Jones

Hotsauceman on Toolarmy pointed out the Maynard‘s Myspace site has changed.  He hints that the Puscifer website should be up and running in 2 weeks, and also suggests that there will be podcasts and mp3 samples.

In other news, Blair on Toolband/Army reports that Adam’s brother Al will be playing a couple of gigs.  One is with his band Mission Creep on the 29th of September, while the other as part of “The Stoner Sessions” on the 9th of October.  Blair also mentions that he’s definitely not Adam’s guitar tech, that job lies with Chris Leahey.

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charred remains
17 years ago

Didn’t Maynard say something like that about 2 months ago? I suppose it’s like that with everything he releases, I think we can expect the new Puscifer site by the end of next year.

17 years ago

He said “I know I’ve said it and said it, but the puscifer site should be up in a week,” or something like that anyway. And yeah, your probably right about that.

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