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Wisconsin Cancelled

According to Toolband/Army the Tool show tonight in Madison, WI has been cancelled again due to illness.  Presumably Maynard is still not 100%.  There’s no indication if there’ll be a make up show in this case either…

Isis fans can feel a little better though, since due to the cancellation the guys will be playing at the Beat Kitchen in Chicago tonight (19th September).  Doors open at 9:30pm, and tickets cost $12.00.

The final announcement on Toolarmy tells us that the live dates section is back up, and that member reviews can be submitted once again.  No sign of the Australian dates as yet.
Finally, Michael has shared with us his Signed Lateralus vinyl, this time he’s had it framed, and frankly it looks pretty damn good.  He tells me the frame is made from 20mm thick Jarrah.  Here’s one of the pics, for more just follow the links below.

Michaels framed Lateralus Vinyl
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17 years ago

Looks good, but I guess the tricky bit is getting two sets of the signed vinyl!

Any idea how much it cost? (the framing that is)

17 years ago

That was the tricky part – i got stooged on eBay from some punk telling me that i was purchasing a ‘sealed’ copy.
Now i have two unsigned Lateralus Vinyls.

but i was not deterred.

Overall cost & Dimensions.
Length 1440mm
Height 546mm

TOOL LATERALUS logo & eye (chrome/vinyl resin) – $130.00
Jarrah Frame – FREE! (Pays to have a tradie in the family)- Materials were about $50.00 + time & effort.
Framing inset (Black Velvet backing/Black Matte board/Glass) $150.00

Bout $330.00 all up.

17 years ago

ooh that’s gorgeous.
I’ve been considering making one, where did you go to get those chrome/vinyl logo’s made up?

nice work man!

17 years ago

A place called SignDesign.

I found the logo, printed it to the size i wanted and dropped it in to them.

The initial digitising is what cost the money…
But now they have the template they can knock them out for about a third the price i paid.

If you are interested, let me know and i can get more made.

17 years ago

oh definitley for sure!

if you don’t mind talking about it more, here’s my msn/email address.


17 years ago

Nice. Better to show off the artwork than keep the sealed copies in storage.

12 years ago

I fully understand this thread is completely dead, but I am going to post anyway.  Mini, I am trying to copy you with your LP frame, and I REALLY want those custom chrome logos.  Can you email if you ever see this?

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