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Mastodon, Signed Lateralus Vinyl, Music

Mastodon talk briefly about the tour with Tool on the AOL Music News Blog.  They also talk about appearing on the Conan O’Brien show.  Here’s the link.

I received an email a few days ago from a TA member who is interested in obtaining a copy of the Signed Lateralus Vinyl.  They are obviously a little hesitant in purchasing over-priced, and potentially illegitimate items from Ebay.  Should anyone be wanting to part with their copy, send me and email me and I’ll put you in touch.

Those of you who like bad music, and equally bad recordings, should head over to the About Me page on the right, and you’ll find something I recorded some time ago….

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16 years ago

I’ll give mine up for $1000, thats how much it is worth to me.

16 years ago

or of course, it can always hang on my beautiful wall

16 years ago

It’s pretty hard not to be cookie-cutter with a band like that. Groovy enough.

If I had one, I wouldn’t sell it. Having said that, I would never buy one, not for a dollar.

16 years ago

Ive cut a fukn hole in my wall so it hang it and display both sides so mine wont be going anywhere, he emailed everyone on this site and toolarmy who posted bout it then ay.. keen. Good luck to him.. where was the dedication when it was for sale though I wonder?

ps. im renovating already so cutting holes in walla is not really a big deal currently…. 🙂

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