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Tool Segues

This weeks poll What’s your favorite Tool ‘segue’? is over, and to my personal surprise Eon Blue Apocalypse has taken the crown. I figured it would probably the Die Eier Von Satan, but that one narrowly missed out.

Being and UFO nut/Conspiracy Theorist, I really like Faaip de Oiad, and expected it to do a little better, but hey, that’s democracy!

  1. Eon Blue Apocalypse: 28% (149)
  2. Die Eier von Satan: 24% (131)
  3. Message to Harry Manback: 11% (57)
  4. Intermission: 10% (52)
  5. Faaip de Oiad: 6% (31)
  6. (-) ions: 6% (30)
  7. Mantra: 4% (21)
  8. Lipan Conjuring: 4% (20)
  9. Useful Idiot: 3% (15)
  10. L.A.M.C.: 3% (14)
  11. Viginti Tres: 2% (10)
  12. Cesaro Summability: 1% (8)
  13. Message to Harry Manback II: 1% (3)

Check out this weeks Poll, which should be appearing over on the right very shortly…..

Edit: Having some technical difficulties with an update of the Democracy Poll plug-in. I’ll get it sorted eventually, even if I have to revert to the old version (which would suck)

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17 years ago

I voted Harry Manback. It really hit me when I first heard it, I didn’t know what the fuck it was. Also, great song for hanging yourself to.

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