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BDO Timetable? Maynard in Wine Spectator, Merry ???

I found this post on the Big Day Out forums which shows the timetable for the New Zealand Big Day Out. As expected Tool are the last act to play, and have been allocated 90 minutes (9:00-10:30). Depending on how much time they decide to take in between songs, they should be able to fit in most of their current set. For those waiting at their keyboards to score some points, yes we are aware that Tool’s set on the Big Day Out won’t be as long or good as at their normal shows. Duh!

I was checking out the Caduceus journal today, and while reading about Maynard’s latest wine related antics, I saw that apparently Wine Spectator have asked him to write a guest Blog. Keep watching I guess….

Finally, Merry Xmas, Happy Holidays, Have a good [insert politically correct event here]. Enjoy!

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17 years ago

not too bad…90 mins is better than 60 yay.

a query to those going to the Gold Coast BDO…i have never been ( i don’t even know where it is) i’m curious if there is any possibility of parking anywhere near it in the late afternoon or am i better off catching a train/bus (if there is one)? i won’t be there all day i’d never get through it and i’ve been told you can’t exit and re-enter so i’ll have to arrive late.

love the pic!

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