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DC on the Rock Show, Tool Tickets

Danny Carey and Brann Dailor from Mastodon took over the BBC Rock Show the other night, and it show is currently available for streaming on the website.  Apparently this will only be available for the next week.  Not really an interview as such, more the guys discussing drumming and playing a few tracks.  Here’s what they picked:

  • Mahavishnu Orchestra – ‘Meeting Of The Spirits’ (Sony)
  • Isis – ‘ Holy Tears’ (Ipecac)
  • Genesis – ‘In The Cage’ (Atlantic)
  • Led Zeppelin – ‘The Wanton Song’ (Warner)
  • Mastodon – ‘Hearts Alive’ (Warners)

I got an email from Mark the other day, who is interested in swapping his Sydney Tool show tickets (Silver seated) for Gold Coast Big Day Out Tickets.  If you’re interested, then let me know and I’ll put you in touch.

Speaking of tickets, if any of you have tickets for the Big Day Outs, or either of the Tool shows, and are looking to offload them, then feel free to let me know, as I’m always happy to advertise them on Fourtheye.  The only condition is that the tickets are sold at face value.

Finally, for those of you thinking of buying Big Day Out tickets from Ebay, then be aware that Big Day Out organisers are invalidating tickets purchased from the site (presuming ticket numbers can be tracked down).  According to this article, Ebay will be suing the Big Day Out organisers, but in the meantime – be careful!

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17 years ago

If anyone dosn’t want a Goldie BDO ticket, i would be happy to take it off their hands for face value. Just trying to do my part for society if anyone decided that they didn’t want to goto BDO. Just let me know

17 years ago

I have a Melbourne Big day out ticket, and will trade it for a Sydney Big day out ticket if possible. I’m not sure it’ll happen though…

17 years ago

It’s a total piss off that my posts with site adresses in them need to be screened.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, thanks hellboy, for looking out for our properness! If anyone ought be deemed amiable, it’s you! Christ’s Blood, it’s you! If I ever come down for a fight, I’ll be taking you fer a pint!

Amen brotha!

17 years ago

tried mod_security?

17 years ago

Praise Jesus!

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