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Final Big Day Out Announcement, Aenima Wanted

The final Big Day Out announcement was made today, and as expected reveals a large number of generally uninteresting bands, most of which seem to be of the Hip Hop and Electronica varieties.  “Highlights” include The Vines, Digital Primte, P-Money Keith Flint (from The Prodigy) and many more listed here.  Personally, I can’t see the new additions make any more Tool fans wanting to rush out and buy tickets.  Still, I’ll be there in Sydney, hopefully sharing a few beers with any other Fourtheye members in attendance (more details on a Fourtheye meetup in Sydney to come….)

Brad emailed me the other day, and told me he’s interested in buying a copy of the Aenima Vinyl.  He lives in the US, so if you’ve got a spare you’d like to get rid of, let me know

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17 years ago

Dissapointing final announcement if you ask me. Very dissapointing indeed

charred remains
17 years ago

I was expecting nothing, and got nothing. So I can’t say I’m disappointed at the last announcement, rather the whole thing.

charred remains
17 years ago

Looks like BDO lost legal action against ebay. You can buy your tickets on ebay, and the BDO can’t cancel them… Disappoints me really, but since they were putting the prices up, the BDO deserves it I guess.

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