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Adelaide Big Day Out Sold Out!

Replayee informed me that the Big Day Out site has confirmed that the Adelaide Big Day Out is now also sold out.  As seems to be the trend though, there will be more tickets made available on Monday the 29th of January at 11:00am.  Apparently you need to tune in to Triple J that morning to found out where the tickets are being sold, but I’d say it’s a reasonably safe bet that they will be at Big Star Records on Rundle Street.  Stay tuned to Fourtheye for more info.
The post also hints that the Perth Big Day Out is on the verge of selling out as well.  Make sure you get your tickets before it’s too late!!

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17 years ago

Hehe, in my paranoia I got my ticket the day they went on sale. Of course I’m probably in the group of people that led to this BDO being sold out – those only really going for Tool. 😛

17 years ago

so do u have any idea of how many more tickets will be sold i only just got back to adelaide and need to get one i cant miss out hope it not only 500 or so

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