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Aria Charts 2006

I was having a look through the charts for the Australian Record Industry Association (ARIA) 2006 Album sales charts today, have a look at where Tool sat as far as sales were concerned last year.  Tool’s 10,000 Days found itself in position 37.  Bands selling more than Tool last year included Scissor Sisters (Ta Dah!), Red Hot Chilli Peppers (Stadium Arcadium) and The Killers (Sam’s Town).  Some of the bands Tool sold more that were Jet (Shine On), Pearl Jam (Pearl Jam) and Audioslave (Revelations)
Just to put this in perspective, in 2001 Lateralus was released and charted at number 32.  It was outsold by acts such as Linkin Park (Hybrid Theory) and Creed (Human Clay – which was an unimaginable #3), while Gorillaz (Gorillaz) and Garbage (Beautiful Garbage) sold less.
Finally Aenima was released in October 1996, but didn’t reach that years top 50.  It did get there in 1997, this time number 54 in a top 100 .  Presumably this would have been in a similar position in the 1996 charts if the scope was greater than 50.  It outsold albums from The Prodigy (Music for the Jilted Generation) and Radiohead (OK Computer) but was beaten by Metallica (Reload) and Faith No More (Album of the Year).

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charred remains
17 years ago

Evanescence sold more than Tool? Hmm… wouldn’t have picked that, but I’m generally 3 years behind the trends.

“Year Zero” is the new NIN album title by the way, for those interested and didn’t already know.

17 years ago

and it comes out april….

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