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Back from the Dead!

Well, I’m finally back home after the big Sydney Trip. I had planned on posting updates while I was down there, but a lack of time and a decent internet connection prevented me from doing so. Looks like several interesting things happened in the last few days:

  • Blair posted some US Tour dates on Toolband/Army
  • Danny confirmed that some of their shows are being recorded and that they plan to have them released as DVD’s.
  • Maynard is working with Lustmord in regards to Puscifer
  • Tool features prominently in a couple of Triple J polls, including number 3 in the listeners album of the year, and several songs in the Hottest 100, the highest being Vicarious at #22. And what the fuck is with Augie March being number 1? I’m almost ashamed to be an Australian….

Expect some more details shortly, as well as my thoughts on the two Tool shows I saw.

Edit: I should have also added, that due to flight cancellations/delays getting from Brisbane to Sydney, I wasn’t able to get to the meetup until around 6pm.  I did get too meet several Fourtheye and TA members in the time I was there though.

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16 years ago

grrr nice to see you back. i lost my p/w to my other account so boo.

triple j has some shots of tool at bdo +syd show.

perhaps a add show review section would be nice.

i can give you some photos of the drumstick i got, if you would like to put them up.

16 years ago

grrr it looks like my posts are no longer automatically added, rather needing to be confirmed. how annoying

16 years ago

[quote comment=”32174″]perhaps a add show review section would be nice.[/quote]

Yes, I will be doing that, just gotta work out how![/quote]


Casi Moore
16 years ago

Welcome back, Hellboy. Good to have you back. Out of interest, what do you think about the upcoming CD/DVD? Any speculation regarding whether or not we’ll see it in the next umpteen years? 🙂

16 years ago

Front row center for the Tool Sydney Big Day Out Show = ) Couldn’t find you guys at the pub opposite the EC gig? We were directly up from Danny’s kit, about 10 rows from the back of the venue. sound was still smashing- the acoustics of the entertainment center couple with some pretty damn flawless mixing made it sound as good as if not better than the album Favourite bits? * Lasers during wings * UFO’s after rosetta, during danny and adam’s segue * Maynard and danny taunting eachother during the breakdown in swamp song * Lateralus * BDO-… Read more »

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