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Maynard is hawt!

Last weeks poll posed the question “what version of Maynard do you prefer?”. To my surprise the voting was a little closer than expected, however it came as no surprise to see the blue Aenima version of Maynard taking the win. Also seems that many of you like the current mohawked version of Maynard as well, despite a few derogatory comments regarding is weight. Here’s the results:

  1. Aenima – Blue Dude – 141 Votes
  2. 10,000 Days – Mohawked Cowboy – 94 Votes
  3. Lateralus – Leather Suit – 90 Votes
  4. Undertow – Redneck Serial Killer – 36 Votes
  5. A Perfect Circle – Womanly Man – 34 Votes
  6. Aenima – Hooker With A Penis – 28 Votes
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