New Zealand Big Day Out Sold Out!

According the, the New Zealand Big Day Out in Auckland has offically sold out.  All is not lost for our sheep-loving friends though, according to the article a further 2000 tickets will be released on Monday and available from Ticketek, Real Groovy, Sounds (Manukau City), Sounds (Lynnmall) and Sounds (Shore City).  If you are a Kiwi and haven’t yet scored tickets to your only chance to see Tool this summer, make sure you pick them up on Monday.  I wouldn’t expect them to last too long.

It’s been a record breaking year for the Big Day Out this year, Sydney and the Gold Coast events sold out in record time, and now both Melbourne and Auckland are sold out.  Are Tool responsible or has the Big Day Out finally reached a point in popularity where they will always sell out?

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as to the reasons for selling out so quickly, i’d say it’s a bit of both (tool and bdo popularity).


I’d say its Tool, because if your a tool fan, you havn’t lived unless you’ve seen them live, and for alot of kiddies this is a good chance for them to see Tool live…

That plus the thousands apon thousands of other Tool Fans…

oh, and the millions of Goths and Emo’s wanting to see My Chemical Romance, *shudder*


Tool obviously would attract a lot of fans, as would Muse, and The Killers, as well as the other artists playing in the boiler room, hot house and other stages. In terms of value for money, the Big Day Out is fantastic. Even if you like only a few of the bands playing, $115 is a great price in terms of seeing multiple acts in one day. The other thing to consider is that the BDO is a great event to go to with friends as everyone should have at least one artist they want to see, plus it’s in… Read more »


Its a bit early to jump the gun, Adelaide and Perth still aren’t sold out yet.



i have a poll idea….

what will you be on when seeing tool??

just to get a general scope of the illicit substance taking nature of fourtheye readers.

possible answers could be..

some other form of lsd
dmt (tmv’s drug of choice)
nups, nothing im going clean.

you get the point


adileade is sold out too. chk the site


[quote comment=”31956″]adileade is sold out too. chk the site[/quote]

Where did you learn to spell? Adileade?

Anyway, as for your poll, I will be sober (no pun intended). I may have had a beer or two throughout the day but nothing else. I don’t understand why people take drugs… and yes, I am expecting people to now flame me for such a comment. And yes, I am aware that alcohol is a drug and what I have said above is technically contradictory etc but you know what I mean.


a straight-edge TOOL site, interesting concept.