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Pimp Your Ride

Those of us with fully sick cars have for a while felt that while 4-inch exhausts and nitrous boosters are great, they just aren’t good enough. Well now you can fulfill all your dreams with these Tool decals. According to the sale blurb, these decals are 20cm long and use the same materials as decals on race cars. Only $5 each too.

I hope they’ve got good lawyers, since I very much doubt this merchandise is legal officially endorsed in any way.

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17 years ago

I couldnt quite believe it but yesterday at the BDO before tool there were actually meatheads chanting cronulla, I congratulate the large tool fan that smashed one of those morons.

Circle pits for tool? Remind me to never complain about seats again.

Tool were pretty good.. got the impression MJK was less than impressed, hope wednesday kicks ass.

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