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Poll Results: How many Tool shows will you attend on the January Australasian tour?

Bit of a late one this week, since I’ve been pretty busy over the last few days due to our house being on the market and open for inspection! Last week I asked how many Tool shows were you planning on catching during the upcoming tour?

Disregarding the many Fourtheye readers who either live overseas, or think that Tool suck (yet still feel the need to be here….), it seems that most people are only seeing one show. That’s not too much of a surprise to me, but there were only 6 less people going to two shows, and 2 Tool fanatics who are planning on seeing every show!

It would be interesting to see how many of those two-show people are from Sydney or Melbourne and are seeing both the Tool sideshow and the Big Day Out. I’d say there’s probably only a small percentage who are seeing more than one Tool show in different states/countries.
I was also a little surprised to see that only 8 of you didn’t get tickets. I feel your pain (sort of) and let me assure you that if I hear of anyone selling tickets (for face value), they will be advertised on Fourtheye.

Here’s the results:

  1. None, I live too far away 195 Votes
  2. 1 show 53 Votes
  3. 2 shows 47 Votes
  4. None, Tool Suck 25 Votes
  5. None, I Couldn’t Get Tickets 8 Votes
  6. 3 shows 7 Votes
  7. 4 shows 3 Votes
  8. 5 shows 3 Votes
  9. 6 shows 2 Votes
  10. 8 shows 2 Votes
  11. 7 shows 0 Votes
0 0 votes
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17 years ago

What about 5 shows? I thought I voted on the 5 shows option?

17 years ago

I’m going to three and I live a few hours south of Sydney. Its worth it to see Tool.

17 years ago

Kel, agreed and I am following suit with three, i better book some fucking flights.. though I got a divx head unit in the car now.. makes trips somewhat more enjoyable .. dont know if its safer though 😀

17 years ago

I missed the poll, but I’m going to the Melb BDO and the Sydney Myer Music Bowl show. If they come back later in the year for an extensive tour I plan on following them down or up the east coast. Whatever way they go, and I have a strong feeling they’ll be back later in the year.

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