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Prison Sex Doll on eBay

It looks like one of the dolls used for the Prison Sex video is up for auction on eBay. The description reads:

Up for auction, this rarest of rare Tool collectables…. a doll model from Tool’s 1994 “Prison Sex” video, directed by Adam Jones. 100% authentic, this was a gift from Adam Jones. A very reluctant sale and major sacrifice, I’m very sad to have to let this go.

I’m unsure of what the model is made of. It has a partially hollow head and eye sockets and a partially hollow torso. It has a wire arm, which is poseable. It has a metal rod joining the head to the torso and a metal rod joining the torso to the pelvis/hips (which move slightly forward and back.) Gorgeously detailed, especially the face and hands. I believe that Adam made all of the models. I’m not sure if this model made it into the final cut of the video or not.

The face is painted in a white and grey mottled effect, with the crack under the right eye detailed in black. The torso and pelvis have little cracked details, with a few clay and paint marks scattered. There is a circular cut out on the right side of the back of the head (which is intentional.) There is also a crack that runs from the right side of the back of the head in a curve, approximately 2″ long. This in no way detracts from the look or integrity of the model and can be easily reinforced if you want. I can’t remember if the model was given to us this way or not. The model has been safely stored on a shelf for many a year.

Bidding starts at 250 Pounds (about AU$622 and US$483) and the auction goes for about 9 days. Check it out here.

Thanks to 11reflections for the tip

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17 years ago

I could make that by visiting my local garbage tip. Lol.

17 years ago


I’d still have it though and frame it for $50 asking price..tops.

17 years ago


got me.

17 years ago

Bidding is way to rich for my blood, but are we even sure this is the genuine article?

The body isn’t painted. The head MAY be the wrong color.

Most importantly, in the video it had an expensive ball and socket armiture and this has a cheap wire arm.

I’m not saying it’s not real- and if it is a reproduction, it’s well done.

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