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Time Off interviews Justin

I found this short interview with Justin today on Time-Off today.  It’s not particularly long, but it does have a few interesting points:

TO: Does the band choose which support acts it plays with?

JC: “Yes, we completely decide that. It just comes down to what we’re into, and obviously everyone has different ideas about that  –  everyone’s got a different current thing that they love. So we just sort of take it in turns. We try to split it up a little bit  –  you know, six weeks for one band then six weeks for another. We just finished a month or so with Isis, and we’re on the road with Mastodon right now for this next six weeks. It’s really fun getting the bands that you love to play in front of you every night  –  getting to watch them before you do your own thing.”

Not so sure about the Tool “just wrapped up a three-hour concert in Milan, Italy” bit though….

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