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Triple J Hottest 100

Triple J are running their annual Hottest 100 again this year, and for the first time in 5 years Tool are eligable.  For those who don’t know what it is, Triple J is an annual online poll in which Triple J listeners vote for their favorite 10 tracks of the year.  Then, normally around Australia Day, Triple J play a countdown of the top 100 tracks.  Voting is open to anyone, just go to the website, pick your tracks and submit.  Jambi, Vicarious and The Pot are the available Tool tracks at the moment, but in theory you could add any track from 10,000 Days to your vote.

After a couple of ideas?  Personally I voted for a few tracks from Tool, Dr. Octagon, Mastodon, Peeping Tom and Tom Waits.  Feel free to let us know what else you have picked.

If you care about these kind of poll, make sure you vote.  Let’s see if we can avoid having some shitty Powderfinger related act or Jet winning this year….

While you’re at the Triple J site, you can also vote on your album of the year.  Unsurprisingly I picked 10,000 Days.  Make your vote count.

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17 years ago

Don’t really have a fav. album of 2006. 2006 was a pretty mediocre year for music tbh.

17 years ago

I voted ‘Pivot- Make Me Love You’ as the album of the year. It’s not the album of the year but it comes close to my liking.

17 years ago

That album was released in 2005, but I don’t care.

17 years ago

you cared enough to mention it…..
anyway here’s my votes, feel free to write me off.
Tool – Jambi
Tool – The Pot
Birds Of Tokyo – Off Kilter
Coheed & Cambria – The Suffering
Coheed And Cambria – Welcome Home
Mars Volta – Viscera Eyes
Muse – Supermassive Black Hole
Rise Against – Ready To Fall
Tool – 10,000 Days
Grates – 19-20-20

charred remains
17 years ago

I voted for The Great Cold Distance by Katatonia as album of the year. 10,000 Days is probably my favourite but I felt that the other deserved at least one vote.

17 years ago

these rocked my world 2006.
Tool- 10,000 Days
Tool- Rosetta Stoned
Isis- Not in Rivers,But in Drops
Isis- Wrists of Kings
Deicide- Stench of Redemption
Terrorust- The New Catholicon
Mastodon- Blood and thunder
Peeping Tom- Mojo
and doors,oops bakfromdadead, listening is hard witheadupasshole.
Happy new year

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