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Poll Results: Where are you from?

This week’s poll was pretty straight forward, and asked a pretty simple question.  Unsurprisingly most of you are either Australians or Americans.  Fourtheye is an Australian site, but is obviously proud to have so many readers from such a variety of countries.

If you’re from somewhere not on the list, then feel free to say hello – I don’t care if it’s not in English!

Here’s the results:

  1. USA 241 Votes
  2. Australia 105 Votes
  3. Canada 49 Votes
  4. Other Europe 49 Votes
  5. Hell 21 Votes
  6. UK 20 Votes
  7. New Zealand, Germany, Poland 12 Votes
  8. France 9 Votes
  9. Italy 8 Votes
  10. Central/South America 7 Votes
  11. Other Asia 5 Votes
  12. Japan, Africa 3 Votes
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17 years ago

hello from serbia!

Please leave your insufferable comments belowx