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Isis Interview

The Recorder, online publication of the Conneticut State University has posted an interview with Cliff Meyer, the guitarist and keyboard player for Isis.  They talk about Isis’ latest recording, as well as discuss touring with Tool as opposed to playing smaller venues.

Nick: How does it feel to go back to playing your newer material at the smaller venues after playing strictly arenas when opening up for Tool not too long ago? I would think you would appreciate the more intimate setting, but did you get used to the large arenas?

Meyer: We certainly did not grow accustomed to that. [laughs] That was an incredible and surreal experience. These smaller venue shows are ones that we, as a band, are more comfortable playing. There is something about the adrenaline rush that you get when you are up close to the people that really care about your music. Not that we had any problems on the Tool tour but it is just a completely different animal.

Here’s the link.

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