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Poll Results: Do you believe in aliens?

This week I decided to ask a non-Tool question – do you believe in aliens?  The general consensus seems to be yes, and generally they live nowhere near us.  That’s pretty much my view as well.  I tend to think that if they were near by, then we would have detected some signal by now.

Still you never really know what’s happening out there…..

  1. They exist, but only in a galaxy far, far away 206 Votes
  2. Aliens exist, and are within our Solar System 87 Votes
  3. The world is already being run by aliens 50 Votes
  4. The Earth is all there is…. 44 Votes
  5. They crashed at Roswell, and are currently in “storage” 27 Votes
  6. L. Ron Hubbard was right! 11 Votes
  7. The existence of aliens is beyond my religious beliefs 7 Votes

Stay tuned for the next poll!

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16 years ago

Whatever happened to suspension of belief? I mean, does this only apply to “intelligent” aliens, or do worm-like creatures count? Aliens could be living in the nearest galaxy with absolutely nothing close to space aged technology. They could have no interest in contacting us. They could not exist. There are a thousand possibilities and absolutely on reason to just choose and assert one. But… for the sake of the poll, which I take it is meant to be fun, they’re obviously already running the world. And as for all those who voted “the Earth is all there is”, what the… Read more »

charred remains
16 years ago

Yes… the world is flat!

16 years ago

If you guys havent already, you must watch this video. The Disclosure project has over 500 witnesses from military,government and aviation agentcies around the world that have come forth with thier testamonies and physical evidence regarding E.T.’s and UFO’s. it is by far the most compelling body of evidence that exists on the subject, and every person owes it to themselves to look into it. this two hour video was shot at the national press club in washington D.C. in may of 2001. it recieved some press coverage(you can find a CNN clip that talks about it on youtube), but… Read more »

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