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Poll Results: Do you like Blair’s Posts/Newsletters?

I figured that this poll was always going to be pretty close.  From my previous discussions with people, it’s always seemed to me that Blair love is very much a subjective thing.  Ususally I find about 25% of people love it, 25% hate it, and the rest just tolerate it simply because we do actually get some Tool news occasionally.

This poll suggests otherwise though, with almost half of you saying you no longer get news from Toolband, or that you’ve had enough of Blair’s posts.  Only about a third of you actually seem to like, or even tolerate his posts.

Personally, I like about half of Blair’s postings, but the other half usually just bore me.

Anyway, for those that don’t dig Blair, there’s always Fourtheye I guess!  Here are the results:

  1. I no longer bother reading offical Tool news 128 Votes
  2. No, I’m sick of reading about aliens, Crowley and chicks from Iceland 116 Votes
  3. Yes, but I could do without some of the occult/esoteric stuff 98 Votes
  4. Yes, they kick ass 71 Votes
  5. No, Toolband/Army should be about Tool and Tool only! 59 Votes
  6. Yes, if that’s what Tool want us to hear 38 Votes
  7. No, Blair has a lousy sense of humour 32 Votes
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